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3 Tips for Hiring In Niche Markets such HRIS, HCM and ERP

Hiring for niche positions is one of an employer’s greatest challenges when it comes to recruitment. Not only are you looking for candidates with a highly specialised skillset such as HRIS or Payroll System professionals, but it is also a balancing act between finding someone capable of doing the job and finding someone that fits with your organisation’s culture and values.

So how do you attract the right talent for your niche roles?

1) Write a relevant, highly targeted job description

The first step is to scope the role as accurately as possible. If the role is currently being performed by another employee, seek their input as they will have a realistic understanding of the day to day requirements. Start by creating a comprehensive list of all the major responsibilities of the role. Keep them as succinct as possible so that they are easy to scan when it comes to writing the job ad. Be sure to note any prerequisites and prior experience that is necessary. Once finalised, this should help you to accurately assess the salary and benefits package you should offer to fairly reflect the responsibilities of the role.

2) Your job ad should be just that, an advertisement

Gone are the days when job ads were a long-winded list of demands from the organisation. Especially in a candidate short market such as HRIS and payroll system professionals, you need to flip the coin on its head. Instead of thinking “what does our organisation want to see from candidates,” switch your thinking to “what do candidates want to see from our organisation.”

A useful tip is to think of the vacancy as a product. When taking a new product to market, it is important to consider questions such as why would someone want to buy this product? What benefits will this product bring to the end-user? Writing a job ad is no different. Think of all the unique selling points your organisation has to offer. Do you have unlimited annual leave, cycle-to-work schemes, outstanding training programs? Don’t forget to highlight any rewards your organisation has won.

When you sit down to write the job ad, it is these benefits that should lead the way. Of course, it is important to include the main responsibilities of the role but keep this short and to the point, including the top 5 – 10 responsibilities and requirements in a bullet point list. Use short paragraphs and active vocabulary to engage the reader and improve the flow of the advert.


3) Talk with a specialist recruiter!

Recruiting for highly specialised roles can be complex and time-consuming. Not only do you have to have a good understanding of the role and what it involves you need to also understand all the different terminology. For example, an HR Consultant might also be an HRIS Consultant and an HRIS Officer could be a title used for HR Systems Administrator and so on. So not avoid this minefield and work with a specialist recruiter who does this day in, day out who will make sure you are getting the best quality of talent, presenting it promptly and professionally.

HRIS Consult are recruitment and consultancy specialists focusing solely on the provision of HR & Payroll technology professionals throughout the UK. We understand that having the right systems, processes and people will deliver huge business benefits to your HRIS & Payroll system users.

Having many years of experience within this field has enabled us to grow a large portfolio of clients, some of whom work with us on an exclusive basis. We cover anything from an HR Systems Administrator right through to an HRIS Programme Director on a permanent, contract, or fixed-term solution.

Feel free to get in to discuss your permanent or contract requirements today!

By Yasmin Hirst - Business Administrator

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