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Picking the right payroll and HR solution for your business is not always straightforward. A combination of the sheer number of platforms out there, and the multifarious features available, can make this decision feel exuberating.

As such, it helps to go in with an idea of the criteria that will define whether a particular package is right for you. So here are just a few of the key aspects of payroll and HR technology solutions to use in your evaluations.

Integration Abilities

Arguably the most important ability that any modern business software solution must offer is the option to integrate smoothly with third party products.

When you compare ADP to Paylocity, you will see that the former comes with a comprehensive marketplace that is packed with external add-ons that can expand upon the core functionality, while the latter does not.

You may already have a suite of software tools that you need to implement alongside any payroll and HR platform, in which case you can check the compatibility and interoperability that is offered by competing products in this space when choosing.

Payroll Processing Powers

Wrangling payroll responsibilities is a complex and time-consuming process, so you really need this type of software to streamline as many aspects of this as possible.

When carrying out your comparisons, look out for the tools you are given for payroll management purposes. The top platforms will be able to help you handle both domestic and global payroll tasks, which is of course relevant if your business operates in several countries.

Likewise, you may want to select a service that can easily manage freelance and third party contractor payments and invoicing, alongside full time salaried staff.

Once again, it is about making sure that your needs align with the capabilities of the payroll and HR technology products you invest in.

Interface & Accessibility

These elements are broadly important across all types of business software and should be significant criteria in shaping your decisions in this context as well.

It is not enough for the interface of HR software to be intuitive; it also must be easy to access from whichever platform makes sense for you.

Browser-based dashboards tend to be the most appealing in terms of providing compatibility with the largest number of devices. You might also be attracted to a service that has native mobile app support, ensuring that smartphone access is well optimized.

Accessibility also comes down to aspects like how many different languages are supported by the software. When you are handling HR across a global team, this could be a real deal-breaker.


An HR software solution will be a major repository of valuable data relating to everything from basic employee personal information to performance, pay, perks, deductibles, overtime and much more besides.

All this data needs to be tapped into if you want to get insights into how your organization is operating and whether there is room for improvement.

The frontrunners in this market will let you unlock the value of this data and empower you with analytical tools that can automatically extract game-changing findings. Moreover, you might be able to reflect on how your performance compares with other companies, so you are not just coming to conclusions in a vacuum.

Unified Features

One of the hurdles to overcome when working out which software packages to use for your business is that the more solutions you add to the mix, the more fragmented the ecosystem can become.

You might find it more efficient to pick a platform which encompasses as many different functions as possible, rather than trying to use more specialized tools that might not play nicely with other software in your arsenal.

Rolling things like payroll, recruitment, employee engagement, insurance, and pension services under one umbrella will make sense for large and small organizations alike.

Lastly, remember to keep your unique business needs at the forefront of your mind when comparing payroll and HR technology packages.

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